Relish the real taste of Malabar cuisine with Beevi's Kitchen.

Beevi's Kitchen brings a whole new culinary experience inspired by the heritage and tradition from the Malabar regions of southern India. You can be assured of an authentic experience with the choicest offerings.

All Beevi’s Kitchen products are prepared and packed from Thalassery itself, where local culinary experts make sure that the right flavor and tradition is tapped into every food product. Beevi’s captures the essence of Malabari cooking in all of its various food products.


  • Beevi's Kitchen takes great care to ensure that every product stays, not only true to the authentic - Thalassery style of Malabar cuisine, but also, maintains the highest quality standards.
  • Only the freshest ingredients are sourced to ensure highest quality and the Beevi's team of food experts and chefs draw upon time honored recipes to help you create a veritable feast.
  • Beevi’s products are distinguished by its superior grade of flavor that is obtained by using fresh and quality raw materials prepared under the most traditional, yet hygienic, methods.

    Beevi's Magic Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Our magical pickles offer a tasty delight to any food dish to suit your taste:

    • Beevi's Mussels Pickle (Kallumakkaya Achaar)
    • Beevi's Raisin Pickle (Kismis Achaar)
    • Beevi's Dates Pickle (Eenthappazham Achaar)


    Beevi's Curry Masala adds rich, authentic taste to any traditional Malabar cuisine preparation.

    • Beevi's Thalassery Fish Curry Masala (Meen Curry Masala)
    • Beevi's Thalassery Chicken Curry Masala (Kozhi Curry Masala)
    • Beevi's Thalassery Biryani Masala
    • Beevi's Chilli Powder
    • Beevi's Turmeric Powder
    • Beevi's Coriander Powder
    • Beevi's Beevi's Premium Wheat Powder
    • Beevi's Thalassery Biriyani Rice
    • Beevi's Desiccated Coconut Powder (Thenga Cheraviyath)

    Beevi’s Kitchen is a brand of Mosons Edibles, which is a part of the prestigious Mosons Group, a company that proved its expertise many fields.